Missing Someone Mighty Fierce!


When you choose to open up your heart, life, and story to someone and they don’t judge you?  Yeah, that’s the stuff!

When you share the deepest, darkest parts of your being and someone doesn’t run away in fear?  Yeah, that’s the stuff!

When you go way out of your comfort zone and let someone totally new see who you really are, rather than hiding what you usually hide and they accept you for who you are?  Yeah, that’s the stuff!

Those are the kind of people who are true friends.  They’re the kind you want in your life every day.  They’re the ones that make you watch your phone, praying it’s them when a text comes through or the phone rings.  They’re the ones you reach for first when you have something exciting to share.  They’re the ones that you look to first when you’re having a rough day.  They’re the ones you go to when you just need a listening ear or you just need to be a listening ear in order to ignore your own day.  They’re the ones that you can talk to for two hours and not even realize it’s been that long.  They’re the ones you are willing to drive any number of hours or pay any amount of money to fly to in order to spend three or four days with them.  They’re the ones that you can go days/weeks/month without talking to and when you talk again, it’s like no amount of time has gone by.  They’re the ones that find you new opportunities when you don’t know you’re looking for them.  They’re the ones that you think of when you have a funny story to share.  They’re the ones that you always think about.

If you have ever watched Grey’s Anatomy, you would call these individuals “my person”.

I’ve found quite a few of “my people” in my life time.  But at the same time, I’ve found some that are stronger in that role than others.  I’ve found those that will call just to talk about themselves or forget what we’ve talked about.  To those folks, I’m pretty sure I’m their person but I don’t know that I would call them my person.

And then you find them.  You find the person who fits all of the above.  You find them in the most unexpected place.  And your life is forever changed because of them.  Recently I met someone that I would say is my person.  In fact I met a group of women that I would say are my people.

o-FRIENDSHIP-facebook (1)

These women have changed my life in ways that I will never be able to describe.  Since leaving the Big Tough Girl Soul Cruise not a day has gone by that I have not connected with multiple of these women.  They were the first I reached out to when I had a “last” in my internship to celebrate.  They were the ones that I am okay sitting home, late at night, watching Periscope with.  They’re the ones that I wish lived closer to me and I am jealous of because they live close together.  They’re the ones that I try to find any way possible to go see.


These women made me believe in relationships with women again.  They helped me see that not all women are catty and mean spirited.  They helped me find a way to believe in myself and have allowed me to feel validated.  They have helped me laugh in ways I’ve never laughed before and until it hurt to move the next day.

All I can say to you women is THANK YOU.  Thank you for allowing me to be in your life.




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