Here I Sit

images (3).jpg

I don’t really  know what is about to be written…don’t say you weren’t warned if you continue to read.

This past week has been a rough one.  I’ve had a lot going through my mind and been doing quite a bit of processing.  I’ve spent some time this week looking back at the worksheets from our workshops on the BTG Soul Cruise and been looking at areas of my life that it’s time to leave in the past and areas that it’s time to grow in.  I’ve also spent time thinking about and, in a sense, reliving events of my past that I dream/pray/wish had turned out completely differently than they did.

I’m only going to write out a couple statements here and more will come in the days ahead as I continue to process and decide what I’m okay with being public about.

  • It’s time to do less proving and more living.
  • I must ask myself: “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”




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